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During the development of TheOnlineGiftsCompany.com we decided to concentrate on top quality posts in the blog section. We wanted to feature big names, celebrity customers and that sort of thing. One of the blog posts is about how a hip flask supplied by the company that was used in the BBC TV programme EastEnders. Given the graphics we had to use, I hit upon the idea of using a film roll effect to display screen grabs from the TV show.

PhotoShop Tutorial

I searched the web and found this simple tutorial Film Roll Effect Using Photoshop | Create A Movie Roll With Your Photos on the blog Dibin’s Photoshop Tutorials.

Thank You & Finished Graphic

Thank you Dibin, I had fun doing creating the graphic for the blog entry on “Our Gift Blog – Wrapping up the news at TheOnlineGiftsCompany.com“. You can see the finished graphic and blog entry here.

EastEnders Blog Enter Graphic

So, what do you think ?